General Conditions

1. Scope. The present General Terms and Conditions supplement and form an integral part of the P CARD contract concluded between the Customer and Servipark France (whose registered office is at rue 30, rue de Gramont, 75002 Paris,, “Customer” means the buyer of the service as well as the one who benefits from it.

2. Using Card – All P CARD or P CARD+ provided to Customers ('the Card') are strictly personal and named. Customers may not lend or entrust them to third parties. The Card is linked exclusively to the vehicle as stated in the P CARD contract ('the Contract') concluded between the Customer and Servipark. Customers agree to use the card with due care. If the Card is misused, it may be withdrawn and/or blocked immediately.

3. Tariffs charged for services – The tariffs applicable to the Services provided by Interparking are those in force at the time of entry in the parking of Interparking. The tariffs applicable to the Services provided by the other Partners are those in force at the time the Card is used. In using the Card to pay for the Services, Customers are deemed to accept the said tariffs and the general and special terms and conditions of the Partners where applicable. 

4. Recording Card use data – Customers accept expressly that IT data (such as days, times, occupation times, car parks used and types of services used, prices etc.) recorded by the “P CARD” network IT system qualify as good and due evidence and agrees that the price of the Services provided by the Partners for which they used the Card will be produced based on that IT data.

5. Regular statements of Services provided – Based on the data recorded by the “P CARD” network IT system via the Card when using the Services, Servipark will draw up a detailed statement of services provided to the Customer, the tariffs applicable to those services and the total amount due from Customers. If at the time of conclusion of the Contract, the Customer agrees to a private use of the Card, the Customer can consult this statement in the secure area of the website at any time using a password and login which are strictly personal and may not be disclosed to third parties. Customers waive any other form of evidence or information concerning billing the Services via the Card. Servipark will send this statement to the financial institution and the amount shown on the statement will be paid by debiting the Customer's credit card. If at the time of conclusion of the Contract, the Customer agrees to a professional use of the Card, Servipark will invoice monthly the total due which will be paid by direct debit and the Customer can then consult the transaction statement justifying this invoice in the secure area of the website, using a password and login which are strictly personal and may not be disclosed to third parties.

6. Late payment and temporary Card blocking – Should payment be made late or not made at all for whatever reason, Servipark reserves the right to block the Card until payment is made in full. Any amount which remains unpaid on the due date will be subject as of right, without any prior notice, to an annual interest rate of 12%. A lump sum indemnity, amounting to 15% of the unpaid amount (with a minimum of 50 €) – court costs not included – will be due.

7. Dispute – Any dispute related to the prices debited for the Services must, under penalty of foreclosure, be notified in time to Servipark by registered letter within ten calendar days of the regular statement of costs of the financial institution or the monthly invoice being issued. If the dispute is justified, the repayment will be made by setting off when drawing up the next regular statement of expenses by the credit organisation or will be credited on the next monthly invoice.

8. Customers' liability if card lost, stolen or spoiled – Customers are responsible for using the Card, including all liabilities arising therefrom.  They agree to inform Servipark immediately should the Card be lost, stolen or spoiled by e-mail to or by fax or post, quoting the Card number. Servipark will then block the Card and replace it with a new one. Customers agree not to expose the Card to the sun or heat and not to leave it in their vehicles. Servipark reserves the right to retain or confiscate any access Card which is spoiled or abused.  

9. Servipark's liability – Except in case of theft,  Servipark's liability is limited to replacing faulty Cards.  Servipark cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any loss, either direct or indirect, arising out of using services which were paid for using the Card.  Nor can Servipark accept any liability for any faults on the part of its Partners for services they provide. The Customer must therefore make any complaint exclusively to the Partner concerned. 

10. Privacy – Servipark collects certain personal data. If you wish to obtain more information regarding the collection, use and protection of your personal data, you can consult the Servipark’s cookie notice and privacy notice on our website.

Servipark informs the Customer, who accepts, that the IT data (such as days, times, length of occupation, car park used, types of services provided, prices, etc.) are recorded via the P CARD IT system and sent to the Partner concerned, the latter will send it to Servipark to enable it to bill the Services consumed. On the other hand, the Customer's personal data will be sent to the Partners to enable them to ensure the contractual Services covered by the Card.

11. Complaints – Should the Customer wish to obtain any further details or information or make a complaint, they can do so via our website at Contact Us by e-mail at or by writing to: Servipark France, 30 rue de Gramont, 75002 Paris. Any request or complaint will be considered carefully and will receive an answer within 15 days.

12. Modifications to the general terms and conditions – Servipark may modify these general terms and conditions; such amendments will take effect one month from when they are published on the website Should the customer not accept the amendments proposed, they may rescind the contract free of charge by writing to Servipark by registered letter within that time. The contract will then be terminated at the end of that one-month period.

13. Governing law and jurisdiction – The Contract of which the present general terms and conditions forms part will be governed by and construed in accordance with French law. Any dispute as to its conclusion, performance and/or construction will be referred exclusively to the Courts and Tribunals of Paris.